Allen Rosen Productions, LLC

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  • Phone: Cell: 205-799-0400
  • Location: Tuscaloosa, AL | USA

Short Legacy Montage Reel

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Crew Positions:

  • Camera Crew w/ Full Package
  • Camera Operator (DP)


Please go to my website at for detailed information and more samples.

For over 25 years, Allen has been providing award winning, creative storytelling images for national broadcast and cable networks, syndicated programs, corporate productions, and commercials.  Please go to our website at for a complete look at samples, bio, credits and gallery. 

Based in Birmingham/Tuscaloosa and Atlanta, Allen routinely shoots in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, the Florida Panhandle and beyond.  But with a national award-winning reputation for excellence, Allen travels the country from California to New York.

With complete state of the art cameras such as the Sony F3, Sony XDCAM 800, Panasonic HDX-900,  great Sound Devices and Lectrosonics audio packages and solid lighting and grip packages,  Allen provides creative coverage. Add in some of the best sound recordists, gaffers,  grips and other personnel, and you have a winning combination.  Allen works closely with his crew to bring the lighting, composition and sound that clients expect.


Credit List:

  • Full list at
  • Showtime
  • Discovery Networks
  • Lowes
  • Home Depot
  • Dr. Phil
  • All Major Networks

Equipment List:

Our packages are loaded with lots of extras and we are constantly updating…

OUR 1 TON CHEVY EXPRESS PRODUCTION VAN is laid out right – with 1700 watts of built in power… Please go to my website at to see photos of the gear in action. 

A wide choice of HD packages built around many choices - from full sensor digital video acquisition to traditional 2/3 inch and 1/2 inch…

Cameras  include our Sony PMW-F3 Digital Cinema Camera,  Sony XDCAM 800, Panasonic HDX-900, Nikon D-800, Sony Z7U HDV, Sony EX-3 and more.  Add our Dana Dolly or EZ FX Jib for camera moves.  

Our Broadcast quality lenses include high quality HD glass as well as digital cinema lenses.  They include the Canon 4.7X11 HD,  Canon 7.6X17 HD, a full range of high end Nikon glass, and the Abel Cine HDx35 B4/PL Optical Adapter which allows the use of the 2/3 inch HD glass on the F3.  

We have digital recording options, from SXS cards in the Sony F3 – to onboard external 4:2:2 recording and more with our Convergent Design NanoFlash units and our Odyssey 7Q on any of our full size cameras.   

We also have Matte boxes and Filter kits, Sachtler camera Support, Panasonic 17” HD field monitors, Sony Hi Res field monitors, hand held HD wireless monitors and plenty of batteries for everything.     

Our audio kits include Sound Devices 442 mixers with Lectrosonics digital wirelesses,  Lectrosonics SR camera hops, Sanken and Tram Lavs, Sanken CS-3 and Sennheisser 416s on KTEK boom poles, Digital Transcription Recorders, and a wide range of support gear and adaptors.

We have full lighting and grip available with a range of gear…Kino Diva 400s, HMIs, 1X1 Bicolor LEDs, Arri Kits, C Stands, Flag Kits, Honda Generators, and much more. 

With great production resources available close by in Atlanta, Birmingham, and Nashville, we can deliver many types of cameras, digital acquisition devices,Satellite Trucks, Studio Space, Grip Trucks – everything your production needs… If we don’t own it – we can probably get it…


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