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4K – The Next 3D or the Next Step?

The 2014 edition of International CES ( just wrapped up and had many TV manufacturers unveiling their latest sets, many of which feature 4K/Ultra HD displays. The big question, however, is if 4K is another 3D. If you’ve ever seen 4K with your own eyes, it is amazing, but is it amazing enough to get Read More →

Happy New Year!

2014 is off to a running start.  After our post in November about the hottest trends in cameras…we must now bow down and report that 99% of our crew bookings have been with the Canon C300 and Sony F3 Prime Lens camera formats for the entire month of December and so far for January.  A Read More →

Connecting Crews in The World To You

As we approach the US Thanksgiving Holiday, we stop and reflect on what we are thankful for.  This has been a year of changes for The Crew Company.  Not just welcoming some great new production companies, clients and crews; but welcoming a new service. We love booking crews all over the world.  People have been Read More →

Welcome Production Crews

Hello to our production crews.  Welcome to our new site.  After close to 20 years in the crew booking business, we have taken our service to a new level by offering another opportunity for top production crews in the world to get work. As a booking agency, we operate by taking a small percentage of Read More →