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Connecting Crews in The World To You

Published by Katy Henthorne on

As we approach the US Thanksgiving Holiday, we stop and reflect on what we are thankful for.  This has been a year of changes for The Crew Company.  Not just welcoming some great new production companies, clients and crews; but welcoming a new service. We love booking crews all over the world.  People have been relying on our expertise and knowledge of the industry from the inside for years.  We have always gone above and beyond for our clients–and our crews.  We take the time to get to know each person we work with, on both sides of the production, knowing how important each shoot is.  Once the shoot is underway, we have little control over what happens–that is why we try to get it right before the crew steps onto the set.  We love hearing “Fantastic crew”  “Great connection-best team we have worked with”, “From now on you are the team we will go-to for crews everywhere”–it goes on, and that is what keeps us going.

We added The Crew List to our list of services last month–think of it as your own crew connection to crews you want to book directly. We are still in the process of fully populating our map, before we start the call for producers, production managers, etc. to start using the site (although several have already begun and love it).  Our listed crews control their profiles we have created for them: contact details, bios/resumes and reels all in one spot for fast and easy vetting.  Right now, in just a few short weeks from our launch we have already covered so much of the world!  We have Camera Operators, DP’s, Audio Ops, ENG Crews who are fully equipped, A/C’s, Grips and Full Service Production Companies standing by in: Atlanta, GA; Albany, NY; Boston, MA; New York; New Jersey; Chicago, IL; Dayton, Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, OH; Detroit, MI; Nashville, TN; St. Louis and Kansas City, MO; Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose, CA; Austin and Houston, TX; Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte and Wilmington, NC; Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, AL; New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA; Biloxi, MS; Phoenix and Tucson, AZ; Omaha and Lincoln, NE; Des Moines, IA; Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN; Seattle and Spokane, WA; Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami, FL; London and Manchester, England, Edinburgh, Scotland; Berlin and Cologne, Germany; Geneva, Switzerland; France…and more are being added every day!

It is – to say the least, very exciting to be able to offer our clients everything they need in one spot.  We are still here when you need us to book your crew too…just nice to be able to offer everyone an option to find reliable, great crews.  So this season, we are thankful for those who entrust their projects to us, and to those crews who trust we will bring solid work their way.