COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

The Crew Company implements policies that are part of individual production’s COVID-19 safety guidelines.  

Guidelines include the following:

  • Production Company hiring the crew maintains the right to take the temperature of each crew member prior to entry on set, and reserves the right to refuse entry if crew
    member exhibits any symptoms of COVID-19. These symptoms include a dry cough, fever, sore throat and muscle pain
  • Some productions may choose to test crew members for COVID-19 prior to hiring and enact quarantines during shooting timeline. All costs covered by production.
  • Some productions may require every crew member to sign waivers of production responsibility
  • Some productions may require every crew member to sign a review of symptoms checklist before arriving on set

    Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • All crew members will wear PPE at all times, such as; clear face shields / masks covering mouth and nose, protective gloves, cloth booties when requested by location.
  • Talent/Interviewee to wear a mask on set, up to and immediately after each take.
  • All persons on set to maintain at least 6′ apart for proper social distancing
  • Non-Essential crew will stay out of room/off set (if possible) during filming

Set Safety

  • When possible, a designated crew member should be tasked with disinfecting all door handles, light switches, bathroom fixtures, or any other surfaces and
    equipment handled by more than one person – prior to and upon completion of production in each area.
  • Do as much location shooting outside when possible.
  • Use washable/disposable sheeting to place on floors when possible to place pelican/equipment cases, and other items carrying camera and lighting kits
  • For entrance and exit: Use brightly colored tape on floors to designate lanes for entrance and exit to create a one-way flow of traffic.
  • Clean all camera kits, computer keyboards, hard drives, lighting poles, etc. thoroughly with sanitizing wipes after each shoot.
  • Label hand and lapel/clip mics with the name of the user. Take off mic covering (black sponge) daily and wash in hot water and anti-bacterial soap
  • Utilize boom-only audio when possible
  • Eliminate wood and fabric directors chairs / chairs for interview subjects and use easier to disinfect plastic chairs
  • Once production starts, the director should limit takes to make sets more efficient and result in less standing around/congregating time.
  • Larger productions should consider utilizing larger tents with portable A/C or heat in lieu of trailers/motor homes
  • Have one individual put up and take down all location signs
  • If distributing hard copy scripts/sides, dispose of paper after use
  • Frequent hand-washing should be encouraged throughout each day, and if possible a sanitizing station should be set up at each entrance and exit to/from set.


  • Any person handling food should thoroughly wash their hands beforehand and wear gloves and masks.
  • Producer/Director should supply hand sanitizer at points of entry for all crew members and on-camera subjects
  • Food/Beverages:
    • No coffee stations with
      No snack bowls or unpackaged foods 
      No fruit that isn’t individually packed.
      No buffets
      All drinks must be in single serve containers (ie: water bottles, cans)


  • Mask / Face shield should be worn by the Make-up Artist or Hair Stylist.
  • Use disposable make-up kits and brushes and dispose of the kit after each application.
  • Assign brush / combs to each talent / interviewee so not to cross contaminate.
  • Grooming station should be thoroughly wiped down with a sanitizing solution between each person.


  • Attempt to limit number of people in a passenger van to 2 passengers at one time (masks should be worn) – some countries / states only allow one person per vehicle.