Because we work with Production Companies and Freelance Crews, the FAQ’s answer 2-sided questions.

How Does The Crew Company differ from The Crew List?

The Crew Company is a booking service/agency. There is no additional charge to use our booking services for your production.

Our crews are not on our payroll nor are they staff – they are respected individuals at the top of their fields working as freelancers with their own impressive lists of clientele. We are fortunate to book these individuals for our clients as well. We handle the contracts and negotiations between the freelance crews being hired and the company hiring the crew. We also manage the billing side of the shoot.  As the intermediary, we operate on a commission per booking, paid to us by the freelance crew.

The Crew List is a crew-search database of listed freelancers. This is free for you to use. You don’t need to register to use The Crew List. Feel free to use the interactive map to find freelance crew members worldwide, view their profiles, contact and book directly. Crew members pay a yearly fee to be listed on The Crew List’s site. They upload their own content and manage their own Crew List profile pages and are booked and paid directly by the production. The Crew Company is not involved with the booking or payment process.

These are two different services, two different ways to find great crews worldwide.

I am a freelance crew member, and I want to be listed for work with The Crew Company and also be listed on The Crew List. Am I automatically listed if I am a Crew Company crew?

No, The Crew List is an on-line service. This is a crew-paid listing to appear on our site, allowing companies who are looking for crews access to book you directly.

What if I find a crew on The Crew List, but want The Crew Company to handle the booking?

We respectfully ask that if you find a crew on The Crew List search site, you contact and book them directly.

I have used your services before, and I want to hire a crew I have used through you the past. I see they are listed on The Crew List site, does this mean I can now book them directly?

All crews that you have previously booked through The Crew Company, contractually must continue to be booked by The Crew Company. This is our agreement with our clients and crews.

What makes you different from other Booking Services?

What other booking services??  Just kidding…We are a boutique agency operated by husband and wife team. We know production and care about your shoot. This is our company and our reputation so we never book something just to book it.  We worked for years in Los Angeles on national television productions, both in studio and in the field.  We understand the lingo, the budget restrictions, and what life is like working in the production world-from the inside.  Most of our crews and clients have been with us since the start of our business in 1997—many worked with us directly on shows.

The Crew List was designed and developed using our experience of what our crews want to showcase and what our clients need to see in the vetting process. By charging small yearly listing fees to crews, not only do we set a standard by attracting only serious professionals, but it keeps advertising and premium listings off the site.  We have created a crew profile structure that is thorough and allows each individual profile to speak for itself. Finding the right crew should be fast and easy on our site.

I have a limited budget, but I can’t sacrifice quality!

Most productions don’t have the luxury of an unlimited budget. Don’t worry!  Tell us what your limits are, and we will do our best to negotiate the crew’s rates within that range.  We are here to help you save money and time.

The Crew List members want to work with you and your budgets, but remember they are professionals in the industry. The rates you offer should be at minimum, the industry standard.  Additionally, if you are working with a Crew List crew for the first time, it is customary for you to pay a deposit or in full upfront. This is something you should work out with the crew directly.

What kind of experience do your crews have?

Each freelance crew person has their own individual resume, using The Crew List you are able to access and view each crew’s profile. When you work with The Crew Company, we require that our freelance Camera Ops/DP’s have a minimum of 10 years of professional freelance experience to even be considered for our roster. We look for well-rounded people—since we crew for all types of productions and budgets, we need to be able to match crews to productions smoothly.  We look at not only solid experience – but work ethics, and personality.  It all matters when you are in your 16th hour on a long shoot…

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