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The Crew Company is a free booking service/agency.

There are never additional charges to use our services for your production.

What makes The Crew Company© different from other booking services/agencies?

We are a boutique agency, family owned and operated since 1997. We know production and care about your shoot. This is our company and our reputation, so we never book something just to book it. Before founding The Crew Company©, we worked for many years in Los Angeles on national productions, both in studio and in the field. We understand the trends, the budgets, and what life is like working in the production world-from the inside. Many of our crews and clients have been with us since the start of our business.

Why use a booking service/agency?

We created a business concept based on relationships with people – on both sides of production. We don’t charge productions a booking fee and we hold all crews to a fair-market rate. Our crews are vetted – and most have been working with us for 20+ years. There is a certain amount of mystery and hassle with the crew search process online. The endless job posting (costs associated with that), the sifting through resumes and reels, the follow-up calls and emails, rate negotiation – all when you just want to book your crew and get moving along on your production. This is what we do – all day, every day. 

What kind of experience do Crew Company crews have?

Each freelance crew member has their own individual resume, and are owners of their gear. We require that our Camera Ops/DP’s have a minimum of 10 years of professional network level experience to even be considered for our roster. We look for well-rounded, creative individuals. Since we crew for all types of productions and budgets, we need to be able to match crews to productions smoothly. We look at not only solid experience – but work ethics, and personality. It all matters when you are in your 10th hour on a long shoot…

Employees VS Independent Contractors

Our crews are not on our payroll nor are they staff – they are respected individuals at the top of their fields working as Independent Contractors (freelancers) with their own impressive lists of clientele. We are fortunate to book these individuals for our clients. We handle the contracts and negotiations between the freelance crews being hired and the company hiring the crew. Freelancers carry their own liability and workers’ comp (where required) insurance as well, saving your production those costs. We manage the billing side of the shoot. As the intermediary, we operate on a small percentage per booking, paid to us by the freelance crew.

You have a limited budget, but can’t sacrifice quality?

Most productions don’t have the luxury of an unlimited budget. Don’t worry! Tell us what your limits are, and we will do our best to negotiate the crew’s rates within that range. We have volume bookings with our crews – and pass that savings on to our clientele. We are here to help you save money and time.