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Optimizing Your Search

You do not need to be a member to search Crew List members on our site.  PLEASE NOTE: We offer more than online booking, we are *One company-offering Two services.  The Crew List is adds online members continuously.  Call us directly at 480-706-5595 or e-mail: if you don’t find who you need online. 

Enter the City, Postal Code or Country where your shoot will be located.  The map is designed to show you where crews are in relation to where you need them. Hover over any of the map pins on the search page to see who is represented there.

Crew Position pull down feature refines your search so that only personnel you need will show up in your search results.  While the site is new and still populating, it is not necessary to select a position, this can be left blank so all members in the search area come up.  Many of the members listed can help facilitate a shoot that may only require audio or grip or gear.

*If your search yielded no results at all, contact us to book your crew.

Search Radius is set at a default of 50 miles.  Any crew that is listed within 50 miles of your shoot location will come up.  You can control the search radius by selecting from the pull down options in that field from 50-400 miles.


Your search results appear on the right hand side of the screen, in order of member closest to your entered location. Their brief credit list is provided here.

Click on any of the listings in the search results area to go to their profile.

Each crew member could be listed in up to 3 cities.  If you searched a crew member in Tucson for example, but the option revealed in your search is based in Phoenix, that means that particular member wants to be considered for work in that city, and has listed themselves there.

Each Member’s profile is a mini website, you can view work history, reels, equipment lists, union affiliation, insurance coverage, etc.

All contact with the crew member can be made directly from their profiles. You book and pay them directly.

If your search yielded no results, we likely do not have any members in that area yet. Either refine your search removing the crew position, broaden your search radius-or call us to book your crew.

*Important Note:  Only crew members who have paid a listing fee are on the Crew List portion of our website.  We have thousands of crews all over the world whom we book for The Crew Company, they can’t be booked directly through this site unless they have chosen to list here. Below is a map showing crew locations represented by us worldwide.