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Feedback for a New Year

Published by Katy Henthorne on


Here it is – the start of a brand new year!!  Personally – I love January – it’s a fresh start each year. Being based in Phoenix, we certainly can’t complain about our winter weather!

As we chart our business goals for the year, we are excited about the prospect of projects we will be fortunate enough to be a part of, the new and emerging technology that will be added to the repertoire of production gear and where we will be yet another year from now.

Since adding our online database of (paid listing) crew members last year – we have opened up our tight-knit company to many who either hadn’t heard of us (gasp!) or to those referred to us who prefer to search and find their own crews online. We were discovered by some heavy hitters in the production industry who are using the site and booking our members. New talent found us who are now online members, and have been added into the mix of crew who we send out on shoots for our clients. It is amazing to be expanding our reach and have such awesome people working through our agency, online and off!

We are anticipating another great year for all – and we will continue to grow our company into a third decade of presence in the industry. Last year, we created something new for you to utilize – and we would like your comments.  We added a feedback bar on the right-hand side of the site’s pages…give that a click and please let us know your thoughts. Whether you are a client who has used our services (online or offline) and you want to give us feedback on us or our crews – or you are a member! We really do want to hear from you.





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