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Hottest Camera So Far In 2015

Published by Katy Henthorne on


We always begin our trend watch for the year by mid-February as production starts to “wake-up.”  Last year Sony announced and launched the latest in its line of 4K cameras, by the fall they started getting into the hands of DP’s worldwide. Not since the Sony D600 (remember that camera?), have we seen a run on camera purchases quite like this.

Our camera crews have been snatching up the Sony PXW-FS7 XDCAM Super 35 Camera System like it’s an after-Christmas clearance sale. Almost daily, we receive calls and e-mails from DP’s letting us know that they have just purchased the new Sony FS7 camera. At this point we can almost guess when the conversation starts, or the e-mail is opened, what camera they are the proud new owner of.

With a 14-stop sensor, it’s a super 35mm E-mount camera that shoots internal 4K for less than $8k – this camera is a low-cost alternative to get access to some of the perks of the F5 and F55. It makes this camera sort of a no-brainer when it comes to an affordable option in a very finicky and ever-changing world of ENG and documentary production.

Some of the key specs:

Although we are not in the business of comparing cameras side by side, we know that for some clientele there will be a period of laying out the difference in record options with what they are used to working with (i.e., Canon C300, Sony F5/Sony F55). Each of you use a camera for specific purposes, have set budgets and know the look and feel you prefer with the gear you use.

We are excited to see what is offered at NAB this year…

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