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Kind Words About The Crew List

Published by Katy Henthorne on

We all love nice feedback.  We have been receiving amazing feedback from crews and clients about the new site!

 “The Crew Company website has added a dimension to the “Crewing” process that didn’t really exist before…It’s a game changer.”
– Line Producer, Sony Pictures Television


“Congratulations on this new CREWLIST… This is very, very cool… Thanks for thinking of us and I am most impressed with this well thought out and creative new program. This benefits all of us.”
-Matt Mayes, DP
Cameras International in Florida


“I checked out the crew list and I love it!  It’s the most user friendly, informative, comprehensive database and search tool I have used!  There are so many “crew databases” out there that are a mess and you can’t find anything.  I really like the way yours is set up and how much information is available.  Great job!”
-Director of Production, Original Digital Content
Endemol USA


WOW! Katy and David’s re-launch of The Crew Company website is outstanding!  They have truly outdone themselves!  The website is fantastic right from the home page!  Click to talk to them and use their expertise directly, OR click and search a database of their crews and utilize their expertise indirectly!  Having worked with The Crew Company for well over 10 years, we at Mirage are excited to be a part of the next generation.  They have created a database within the reputation of The Crew Company so that Mirage can extend our reach as a searchable and reliable crew.  The profile page is exceptional with all of the pertinent information about our company on one page and with quick and easy tabs to view more info.  All that while keeping our videos and photos on the page so that whomever is searching us can always view our talents without clicking on another tab.  The video is embedded in the profile so there is no need for the viewer to lose track with many windows or tabs opening.  And it is so easy to do.  Katy and David made creating a profile so simple.  It literally took minutes to do as everything is laid out in front of you with easy pull down menus and upload buttons.  Tracking your changes as you go was easy too.  Everytime I changed or added something, I would simply view my profile to see how it looked and make changes again if I wished.  I’m really excited about this endeavor and can’t wait to let The Crew Company know how much traffic it’s brought to our door.
-Gayle Ochrym, President
Mirage Productions


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