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Benefits of Listing Online

The Crew Company is a crew booking agency.  The Crew List is an online crew service for those who prefer to book directly.

  • As a Crew List member, you’re not limited on what you add to your profile as it’s designed to allow potential clients a smooth experience to find and vet you all in one place.
  • You are searchable in up to 3 cities (including your home city). Users can find you in a radius they select from 50-400 miles, sorted by closest member to searched location.
  • You can be paid directly through your profile, taking the uncertainty out of working with new clients.
  • You are able to feature your reel, still photos, work experience, gear list – everything a prospective client wants to see, all in one place.
  • Are you an Audio Op?  Make-up Artist?  PA?  Grip?  Listing online is especially useful for you…people turn to the internet to find individual support for their shoots.


Keep in mind these things while considering an online listing with The Crew List:

  • We advertise and promote the site through direct marketing, word of mouth and online advertising, bringing new clients to your profile page.
  • There are different types of people searching for a crew…many call booking agencies like The Crew Company, and others search online. Don’t miss any opportunities.  We encourage you to be on our agency roster and also be listed on The Crew List.
  • The one year listing fee is far less than our (The Crew Company) average booking fee for one shoot and provides you with unlimited work opportunities.

Free listing sites = anyone can sign up.  The Crew List = trusted professionals.

  • Here is another way to look at it: free listing sites, Facebook and LinkedIn groups often have hundreds of people listed or posting in any given city–it is like winning the lottery just to be seen.  Get Noticed – Get listed on The Crew List.
  • We don’t allow advertising or premium listings that could lead a prospective client to book elsewhere.

  • The Crew Company is an established and trusted name in the Industry…we book crews, that is all we do.  This is another layer to reach a wider clientele for you.