The KerriKart at NAB

A stop during our NAB tour: Innovative Ideas
One “Kart” packs a lot of punch.


(Above: Innovator Bill Kerrigan with his intelligently designed KerriKart)

As camera bodies became smaller, the rigs, the add-ons, the lenses have all created a new challenge, making cameras bulkier and heavier. Over the last few years, portability and maneuverability have become buzzwords. My new buzzword is “KerriKart”…

Bill Kerrigan, one of our DP’s in Montreal, Quebec had an idea years ago. One that could save his back, one that could serve multiple purposes without being a project in itself to put together on location. A prototype was even used on one of our shoots. The client was intrigued and thought Bill was really onto something.

Rolling out at NAB (literally) – was his new KerriKart, offered by Matthews Studio Equipment. With the product in the final launch stages, Bill’s Kart is going to be a game changer when it comes to long days and multi-locations.

The KerriKart is a production cart, slider rails, and a c-stand system wrapped into one compact, neat place.  Allowing for multiple configurations depending on load, it allows for the ability to move quickly and accommodate any size camera, lens, monitor and even a soft light!  Slider track is interchangeable at 4′, 6′, 8′ or even 10′ sections.


When I first approached the Kart at NAB, I must say it was quite impressive. I am one for neat, organized spaces. I like things like this because they make sense. This set-up was a dream – he had a soft light mounted securely on the back corner, his camera was on rails with the Dana Dolly, and he had a decent sized monitor mounted on another corner. I could envision a laptop on the stand for convenient media transfers – in fact, it seemed as though this Kart’s possibilities were endless.

The KerriKart is strong, durable – but yet light enough and easy enough for one person to maneuver and the set up can be done in under 5 minutes. Bill told me that the down-side of the Kart is it makes the day go too fast, no more OT!


On a recent shoot using the KerriKart, Producer Shawn Hendriks had this to say:

“I had a rapid fire shoot…I love getting a few good slider shots for a video, but for a big camera, setting up the slider can be quite time consuming and then moving it around often even more so. With this rig Bill set it all up and then just rolled around the site getting shots for me. He could do huge slides at a moments notice. We even used it for an extended dolly shot down a hall pretty successfully. All that and it carried around a bunch of his gear which saved even more time.”

A few key specs for the KerriKart:

  • Can accommodate most field production equipment
  • Fits in a 4’x2′ space for travel, small elevators, tight hallways and corners
  • Weather-proof
  • Easy to push and turn on any terrain (mud and snow pose no issues)
  • Pneumatic tires
  • 2 strong shelves
  • The 4 supports can hold most monitors, soft lights
  • Accommodates sliders and pipe & dolly systems
  • Top shelf and rails may be attached at almost any height


The cost will be announced in about 2 weeks and will be available by August 2015 through Matthews Studio Equipment. We are thrilled for Bill and this innovative tool. We wish him success with it and I think based on the popularity of it on the show floor – there are going to be lots of shoots in the future with the KerriKart rolling up to set.


When we set out to tour NAB, our focus was clear – we would check out the latest cameras, drones, lenses, other odds and ends, and report back to our clients and crews to keep you informed, without the mind blowing information that easily occurs after stepping onto the convention floor.  We will be blogging over the next few weeks about what we saw. We won’t recommend one product over another – we are not sales reps, nor do we know every application or need each of you have.


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