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TV Production and Beyond

Published by Katy Henthorne on

lensesmontageOne thing I love about The Crew Company, is delving into new areas of production. Practically speaking, video and TV production is the art and service of creating content and delivering a finished video product. Over the years we have learned about so many different aspects of media production, from DVD/BluRay and 3D graphic companies to ad agencies creating content we see while strolling through our local wholesale warehouses. Production is truly everywhere we look, in almost everything we buy. The opportunities for new business to flow through your company and have new revenue coming in are literally endless. Coming from the TV-side of production, we always assumed that would be the only area we would be needed. We have always been open to new ideas and technologies. Thankfully we didn’t stay confined within one space of existence.

We see new areas of production from clients coming to us with a specific need – we bounce over to book the shoot, and in conversation – learn about new tools from the crew members to make the clients’ shoot or post work cleaner and easier. We also find that you all are quite handy creating new tools based on a need you discovered in the field…

That being said, in the production community, we sometimes get wrapped up in formats and what the next big thing is. Of course this essential to what we do and the survival of the people we work with. However, what is being shot and how it is being applied is equally important. The areas in which we work are simply fascinating and the more we understand our clients’ needs, the better we can serve them and communicate with our production crews.

These times can be quite overwhelming if you let them…constant changes…updates…new this or that. We find it quite exciting.

I love that people with an entrepreneurial passion for an idea or trend can turn it into something amazing.

I love that people come to us to help them take their ideas to the next level, being a part of that in the small way that we are, is exciting for us. We are in this for more than just booking a shoot. Remember we are former industry professionals ourselves-with the same passion for video and creating content that you have. We just followed a side path.

We will continue to ask questions beyond what is required for the shoot, if not to make sure we “get it right”, but because we are fascinated by what our clients do and we want to learn.

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