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TV Production Season is Here

Published by Katy Henthorne on

What a start to Production Season! Taking the time to stop and reflect on the projects were are a part of is not easy, with so little time between bookings. There are a few new shows that are going to be taking your television, tablet or other streaming device…by storm. Crime, Conspiracy, News, Politics, Dance, Cooking and Comedy Fun – to get things started…We are happy to be the Crew Company called on to get the fully loaded crews on location to handle the storytelling in 4K + HD. Budgets and booking the best teams for our clients, are our priority. Confidence is running high, knowing we have the shoots well in hand by our top crews, using the latest gear in demand.

The Crew List crews are keeping busy too – with the top shows who use it as their go-to source for crew personnel, also back in production. What’s The Crew List?* – our answer to truly taking out the middle-man…for those who want to book it on their own – without the sweat and stress that goes with booking via the vast unknown of the internet!
(*if The Crew Company shows up in your search – just give us a call and we will take care of your booking for you. We are undergoing an exciting website “re-boot”, but don’t want to leave you short in areas lacking online members.)

Here are a few snap-shots shared with us along the way!


America’s Best Dance Crew is on location, shooting their 8th Season.


The Hero Dog Awards has some incredible stories of amazing animals!


Crime Watch Daily – airing 5 days a week!


Siggraph LA, shoot for content marketing.



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