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Welcome Production Crews

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Hello to our production crews.  Welcome to our new site.  After close to 20 years in the crew booking business, we have taken our service to a new level by offering another opportunity for top production crews in the world to get work.

As a booking agency, we operate by taking a small percentage of your rates as a booking fee.  Now, we are introducing …The Crew List.  An on-line membership based service allowing production companies around the world the chance to see you and your work up close, and book you directly.  We have listened to our clients’ needs over the years – we know what they want to see before booking a crew.  The vetting process is something we know extremely well – and the profile page we designed meets every check-box of what a client wants to see before they will book you.  The site is enhanced for desktop, tablet and smart-phone use.

We know our clients are extremely busy, so we made finding you easy– they will search through a user friendly map system – searching selected positions in target mile-radius regions.  You choose your location and skills – they find you.  The way our site’s search returns results – gives the user a quick glance at your credit list (so make sure your top credits are listed first) and your location.  One click and they are at your door able to view your reel, see your bio, full resume and equipment list.  They can easily view as many works samples (both video and stills) as you have loaded on to your profile.  We don’t limit you.  Clients contact and book you directly.

Why list with us for a fee when there are free sites?  You get what you pay for.  Our yearly membership fee is low, but makes sure only those serious about their production careers are on our site.  The fee allows us to continue to maintain, market and improve the site for you.  We will not sell ads or premium listings.   We want a clean site – with nothing distracting the user away from your profile.

We believe The Crew List will enhance our services and we will continue to be the go-to source in the industry for top production crews.  This is merely an extension of The Crew Company.  Our reputation is solid for booking the best crews and we want The Crew List to continue that tradition.

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