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The Production Manager's Secret

Providing A-List Crews On-Location Since 1997

Quality in the Field

As a booking agency that has been in business for over two decades, we have developed a strict vetting process for crew members. It may be that because we came from Los Angeles production and we hold our crews to high standards and expectations. The quality of the crew’s work and their level of professionalism in the field, is far more important to us than a meaningless number of crew members we have on a roster. This includes not only ensuring they have a solid decade of professional network level of experience, but that they are knowledgeable and work as a team.

Effective Communication

Communication is essential in our industry. Nothing is standard. We make sure we are clear on the needs of your production shoot, by asking the right questions to get you the best crew with the correct format. We strive to match the show’s concept and style to the DP/Camera Op. We take time for you and your project by selecting the crew and negotiating their rates within your budget. Even then, you still make the final decision and determine if you feel they are the right choice for your project.


When using a crewing agency, you have a no-extra-cost to you, intermediary to assist you along the way with rate negotiations and specific equipment requests. We have connections with crews across the US and all over the world. From one-person shoots to full-scale productions requiring producers, make-up artists, grips and PA's. With budgets shrinking, there isn't always a need to travel a full crew, we likely have a team nearby. You can potentially save thousands of dollars by utilizing our expertise and services.

What Our Clients Say

Many of our clients have worked with us since 1997. We are proud to say our business growth has been through referrals, not marketing.


Consumer Reports

"I got a good look at the interview footage and have cut the story. It all was really great. Thanks so much! You got exactly what we needed and more. Thanks, Katy, for another producing-by-remote experience."




"The DP was darn outstanding. Outdamnstanding! As they say in the Navy! Our presenter was lit with a warm glow, he was made very comfortable and relaxed...I could not have asked for a better camera-sound person. He delivered... we'll continue to use you guys again and again."

Gary T.

Gary T.

Producer, AEG / Ken Ehrlich Productions

"I want you to know how absolutely amazing the video looks...Great to know I have an amazing DP in the Washington DC area."

Meet Your Team

The Crew Company Founders
Katy Henthorne

Katy Henthorne

President & Co-Founder

Originally from upstate New York, Katy graduated from Emerson College with a Bachelor's in Science ('93). Her television career began at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood at the NBC sit-com: "The Mommies" before transitioning to daily syndication for a long stint on "Hard Copy," working her way up to produce for the widely recognized segment, Caught on Tape. Later, she went on to produce for syndicated studio talk-shows ("The Leeza Show") before returning to field production, producing several docu-series for the Discovery Channel, TLC, Warner Brothers, etc.. As a former producer in documentary and daily syndicated television, she has a solid understanding of the field requirements for creative production. When not working tirelessly on crewing, you can find Katy hiking on AZ's beautiful trails or laughing with friends. Travel is an important part of her life, she has only 3 states in the US left to visit, and has taken on the beauty and history of Europe and S. America. Katy is a proud Mother of two daughters, both attending Arizona State University. She and husband David have a sweet dog and cat who keep the "empty nest" full.

David Henthorne

David Henthorne

Vice-President & Co-Founder

Originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin, David graduated from The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University with a Bachelor's in Arts ('89) and soon moved to Los Angeles where he began his television career. He had a long run at Paramount Pictures with "The Arsenio Hall Show" and "Hard Copy." Before landing on the back-lot, he got his start with short stints on live-to-air award shows (The Grammy Awards, The Soul Train Awards, etc.), Later, moved on to documentary series for The Discovery Channel, TLC, HGTV, and A&E. David was a Production Manager in the entertainment industry for over 10 years before co-founding The Crew Company. He knows that this type of camera crew booking service takes a large amount of stress off production – the crew search, negotiation, and vetting process. When not handling the IT and crewing, David enjoys sports. As an ASU Football and Basketball season ticket holder and lifelong Green Bay Packers fan - he is always up for a sports chat! David is a proud parent of two daughters, both attending his alma-mater, ASU. Go Devils!

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Notes from the Field

Thoughts, Tech and The Industry

Defining Your Crew

In the eyes of the IRS your crew member might not be considered an independent contractor (IC), but rather your employee.