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All new clients must agree to and sign our Booking Services Agreement which is provided before the first booked shoot is confirmed. This Agreement provides details of all our terms and conditions. Once you book a crew with The Crew Company, all future bookings with that crew are to be made through us. It is also noted that crew members are not employees of nor insured by The Crew Company. Crew members are professionals in their areas of expertise and provide all gear necessary to complete their jobs on location. Additionally, we require all crews who are booked by us to carry liability insurance and where required, workers’ compensation coverage. We will provide all documentation on a per shoot basis when requested.


We follow the industry practice of requiring compensation of crews for bookings cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled call time. If no call time was in place at time of cancellation, it will be deemed to be 8:00 a.m. local time of shoot location. Production cancellation charges are based upon the time the client orally notifies the camera crew personnel AND The Crew Company personnel. A phone message is not adequate notification.
25 – 48 hours notice: Client can be charged 50% of estimated rates
24 hours or less notice: Client can be charged 100% of estimated rate


The Crew Company invoices the client, including all of the agreed upon rates from the Production Request Form as well as any additions or expenses that were added during the shoot. For first time clients, an advanced payment of the estimated amount of the shoot may be required. Established clients are Net 30 pay schedule.  We accept payment by check, bank transfer or PayPal.


As independent contractors, the crews are able to set their own working parameters and rates. In most cases, a half day is defined as 5 hours portal to portal and a full day is 10 hours portal to portal. All hours are billable, including meal breaks, unless otherwise stated in writing. Prior to confirming each shoot, you will be provided with a contract containing complete details regarding the agreed upon crew day rate, shoot parameters and crew camera package. 


The standard overtime rate is time and a half of the crew rate for each hour of overtime. After 2 overtime hours, you may be charged at a higher hourly rate (double-time). All rates are contracted in writing prior to the scheduled shoot date, as rates vary from crew to crew, and also depend on format and delivery requirements.


Some shoots may result in additional expenses on the crew’s behalf. Clients are responsible for all necessary expenses incurred by the crew for the benefit of the shoot. These expenses include, but are not limited to, travel day charges, tape stock, hard drives, file transfers, equipment rentals, and mileage. Crew members are permitted to charge current IRS rates for mileage incurred traveling to/from locations and any other location to location where their vehicle is being used. 


Crews must agree to provide safe storage of our client’s footage for up to 30 days. No footage shall be destroyed or discarded before that period. If media must be erased or destroyed before the end of the 30 days period, the Crew must get approval in writing by our Client with a Crew Company representative copied on all correspondence. After the 30 day period, Crew is under no obligation to retain footage.


We require all crew personnel to receive permission in writing before posting content online regarding our clients’ production; for advertising, marketing or personal gain. This includes, but is not limited to, images, call sheets, emails, text messages, “things heard on location”, etc. Crews are required to sign client NDA’s when required. We monitor and enforce these rules on behalf of our clients. We take issues of ownership of property seriously.