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Confessions of a PA

  Hi, my name is Bethany Henthorne. I am a Freshman at Arizona State University studying Film. I will be writing a blog about experiences I have had from working as a production assistant and during my journey thus far at ASU. I will try to update my posts at least 1-2 times a month. I Read More →

Sony PXW-FS7 Lens Test by Los Angeles DP

Recently, we sent JBL Films (J.B. Letchinger) out on a 4K shoot, working with the Sony FS7 The client was pretty easygoing about lens options, so he left it up to his DP to decide what would work best in the space they would be shooting. This gave J.B. an opportunity to test out a Read More →

TV Production Season is Here

What a start to Production Season! Taking the time to stop and reflect on the projects were are a part of is not easy, with so little time between bookings. There are a few new shows that are going to be taking your television, tablet or other streaming device…by storm. Crime, Conspiracy, News, Politics, Dance, Read More →

NAB Cameras and Affordability

When we stepped onto the NAB floor, our goals were pretty specific – find out the lowdown on the latest cameras directly from the sources. This post will discuss 3 brands; Canon, Sony and Panasonic. First stop was the Canon booth. We knew that Canon was announcing a new camera, the C300 Mark II Cinema EOS Read More →

The KerriKart at NAB

A stop during our NAB tour: Innovative Ideas One “Kart” packs a lot of punch. (Above: Innovator Bill Kerrigan with his intelligently designed KerriKart) As camera bodies became smaller, the rigs, the add-ons, the lenses have all created a new challenge, making cameras bulkier and heavier. Over the last few years, portability and maneuverability have become Read More →

Drones Soaring Higher

Ever since Ken Hackney blogged for us about drones back in August 2014 (Drones), the conversation about them has seemingly been everywhere. Whether it’s about drones almost colliding with airliners or the FAA coming up with a set of guidelines for their use, the use of drones for television production is sure to stir up Read More →

Back It Up!!!

Tip of the week:  Back It Up!! We are doing it.  We are dedicating an entire blog to the topic of backing up footage. One of the best features of digital media is the ease of a simple back-up. When that producer walks away with the footage – that desperate call for a back-up copy Read More →

Hottest Camera So Far In 2015

We always begin our trend watch for the year by mid-February as production starts to “wake-up.”  Last year Sony announced and launched the latest in its line of 4K cameras, by the fall they started getting into the hands of DP’s worldwide. Not since the Sony D600 (remember that camera?), have we seen a run on camera purchases Read More →

Feedback for a New Year

Here it is – the start of a brand new year!!  Personally – I love January – it’s a fresh start each year. Being based in Phoenix, we certainly can’t complain about our winter weather! As we chart our business goals for the year, we are excited about the prospect of projects we will be fortunate enough Read More →

When is the 30′ Jib Being Delivered?

OK, Admit it. If you are a professional videographer or photographer – and you have kids, you have done it. Somehow, someway – another parent or coach or whoever, finds out what you do for a living …and you are asked the loaded question, “Hey, would you mind shooting this for us? We’d really appreciate Read More →

A Higher Perspective, A Voice For The Drones

Just mentioning the word “drone” conjures up all types of reactions these days. Originally a name that was given to high-altitude, unmanned military aircraft, the popular term has come to define almost any Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), or Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). Many of these smaller radio controlled flying robots are now being used by Read More →

ENG in it’s “Prime”

For the most part, we are booking “Prime Lens Cameras*” for ENG shoots…but these often front-heavy, small cameras weren’t necessarily designed for these on-the-run applications. The C300, C500 4K Cinema Camera, Sony NEX-FS700R, Sony PMW-F3 XDCAM, Sony PMW-F5 and Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K Digital Cinema Camera are all the most requested cameras with us right now. Productions want Read More →

TV Production and Beyond

One thing I love about The Crew Company, is delving into new areas of production. Practically speaking, video and TV production is the art and service of creating content and delivering a finished video product. Over the years we have learned about so many different aspects of media production, from DVD/BluRay and 3D graphic companies to Read More →

Kind Words About The Crew List

We all love nice feedback.  We have been receiving amazing feedback from crews and clients about the new site!  “The Crew Company website has added a dimension to the “Crewing” process that didn’t really exist before…It’s a game changer.” – Line Producer, Sony Pictures Television   “Congratulations on this new CREWLIST… This is very, very cool… Read More →

Wall Street Journal Article – Film and TV Production Shift

Article Originally Published in The Wall Street Journal on January 30, 2014 Written By: Erich Schwartzel Greg Sproles, a muscular young man whose friends told him he looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger, quit his Orlando bartending job 12 years ago and moved to Hollywood to work in the moviemaking capital of the world. Much to his surprise, the Read More →