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EPK and Content Video Samples

the Making of Black Crab - NETFLIX


We follow the industry practice of requiring compensation of crews for bookings cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled call time. If no call time was in place at time of cancellation, it will be deemed to be 8:00 a.m. local time of shoot location. Production cancellation charges are based upon the time the client orally notifies the camera crew personnel AND The Crew Company personnel. A phone message is not adequate notification.
25 – 48 hours notice: Client can be charged 50% of estimated rates
24 hours or less notice: Client can be charged 100% of estimated rate


The Crew Company invoices the client, including all of the agreed upon rates from the Production Request Form as well as any additions or expenses that were added during the shoot. For first time clients, an advanced payment of the estimated amount of the shoot may be required. Established clients are Net 30 pay schedule.  We accept payment by check, bank transfer or PayPal.


As independent contractors, the crews are able to set their own working parameters and rates. In most cases, a half day is defined as 5 hours portal to portal and a full day is 10 hours portal to portal. All hours are billable, including meal breaks, unless otherwise stated in writing. Prior to confirming each shoot, you will be provided with a contract containing complete details regarding the agreed upon crew day rate, shoot parameters and crew camera package.